Was pulled over for a head light in August. Poilice asked where I was and I told them I was at a bar. Told them I had 3 beers within 5 hours after eating a large pizza. They asked for me to step out of my car to do field test. These rookie cops said they though I was drunk so they brought me in Lew Garrett. I passed my breathalyzer and blood test and yet they still charged me, took my finger prints and mug shots and locked me up. It was and has been humiliating they treat people sub human and I saw a mentaly handicap guy mocked and verbally abused by the jail gaurds. I had to pay a lawyer with money I did not have. I have never been in trouble before. They are offering obstruction but still that will be probation I have to pay and a 700 dollar ticket. My other option is to pay my lawyer more with money I don't have to fight the dwi and be in front of a jury of 6 who still could charge me.

Why cant the city of Dallas own up to their mistakes and just drop it? I guess because they are greedy and want to make up for the lack of state taxes.

Why do I have to pay for a rookie cops mistakes. It may be a notch on their belt but it affects my life in a negative way. Nothing can take away the depression, hopeless, shame, debt, lack of trust of police and Dallas authorities this has caused me.

I once was just a law abiding citizen who believed the cops were heroes who wanted to protect and serve the city and its citezens. Now I think they are crooked and money collectors for the city of Dallas at the expense of innocent tax paying citizens who pay their salary.

It is NOT innocent till proven guilty...it is guilty till proven innocent and unless your rich or know someone you will probably be falsely accused of being guilty.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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First of all it is called Lew Sterrett Justice Center.Second of all the Dallas Police had to have a good reason for stopping you in the first place.Third Evidently you did not pass the breathalyzer test or The blood test or They would not have charged you with an DWI.Fourth Lew Sterrett Justice Center is a county jail these people do not have time to baby sit anyone that comes into the jail.Fifth Lew Sterrett Justice Center is no place for anyone to be especially a handicapped person.When you went out to this bar.You should have known better than to drink and Drive it does not take but a second to destroy someone elses life along with your own life.You stated you do not have money to pay a fine right?And you also stated you do not have money for an attorney right?But you have more than enough money to go to a bar and Drink and Drive.Now think about what you are saying in this complaint.It is find for the Dallas Police to arrest others for drinking and Driving,But it is not right for the Dallas Police to arrest you because you are a Law Abiding citizen.When you drink and Drive you deserve to go to jail,Weather it is to Lew Sterrett or Any other jail facility.Next time you want to drink stay at home where everyone else will be safe from your drinking and Driving.And no i do not work for the Dallas Police but i do have Common Sense not to drink and Drive.All it takes is one mistake.


Don't drink and drive. Not one beer or six - none.

Alcohol impairs vision and judgment. In the state of Texas, it is not necessary to be over the legal limit. If you were impaired and it showed - too bad.

You have a lot of nerve complaining about being taken of the road. If you had killed one of mine, you would have been taken out of this world.

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