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Im born and raised in Dallas,43 years and moved back home 2 years ago from a 3 year contract in Ftworth .This complaint is definitally not a one time experience.I work in the heart of the city on a daily basis and witness the mass percentage of officers behave in a hateful,angry,unprofessional manner.The disposition,behaviors of Bullys and Thugs.Almost blending in the the criminal element.They are rude with a chip on there shoulder and making intimidation and a nasty attitude a major priority.If as a civilian if you bring a concern or complaint they cant be bothered ,rude any will try to intimidate.Ive witnessed 2 officers literally walk by 2 guys at westcend station smoking weed and say"whats up bro"i was in shock!i know DPD are desperate for cops and pay low ,but these ppl.that are being hired are making reflecting on our residents,the reputation of a buetiful ,diverse,cultured,wonderful and mostly one of the fastest growing in the nation -around 15.000 a month.DPD has gone down hill and is sinking very fast.And the 911 employees dont fall far from the tree,thats a pretty sad situation as well.Being said i adore and love my city.Im proud to be a native ,i have police officers in my family nd was raised to have absolute respect and appreciation for each and every public servent.But this is out of control.A kind disposition,humility,integrity and mostly lacking professionalism is lacking on every level.Something major went wrong over the years and its really sad to watch,were dealing with some very angry ,bitter cops in Dallas.I pray in the future DPD can once again represent one of the Best Citys in the NationWill be reading this letter to review board in person as well.TY

Product or Service Mentioned: Dallas Police Department Customer Care.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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From the best police department to the most corrupt. There applications are down 60%... I guess they can't find more people who lie, beat up their spouses, break in to apartments and murder people.

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